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An International Network

Forsale.co.za, alongside for-sale.com.ng in Nigeria, comprise the African contribution to our international network of search engines for finding used products, cars and real estate for sale. The global presence of our search engines in countries such as the US, used.forsale, and India, for-sale.in, and smaller nations such as Ireland, for-sale.ie and Belgium, site-annonce.be, allow our users to find the best possible bargains on the Internet. More recently, we have launched our search engines in the Netherlands, te-koop.com, and Poland uzywane.com. Our international network of search engines has a strong presence globally, including within Europe, where we also have for-sale.co.uk in the United Kingdom, site-annonce.fr in France, gebraucht-kaufen.de in Germany, gebraucht-kaufen.at in Austria, compra-venta.es in Spain and in-vendita.it in Italy. In the Americas our sites also include usadobrasil.com.br in Brasil, venta.com.ar in Argentina and Venta.com.mx in Mexico. Spanish is spoken in lots of countries, especially in Latina America, where we also have opened venta-de.com.co, venta-de.com.pe, venta-de.cl and venta-de.com.ve Within Asia Pacific our network is also represented by in Singapore, in Japan.